Does Your Driveway Look Uneven?

Hire us for concrete leveling & lifting services in Gladewater, TX

Your home is your biggest investment. If an uneven or cracking foundation is holding your home up, you could be at risk of property damage. Luckily, East Texas Pro Foam, LLC is here to help. We provide concrete lifting and leveling services in Gladewater, TX and the surrounding areas. Our polyurethane permanent solution makes the concrete ready for use immediately and creates a more stable foundation for your structure.

Our crew has been leveling concrete for years. We have the experience and the proper equipment to handle projects of all sizes. Call 903-374-6004 now to schedule concrete leveling services.

4 signs you need concrete leveling services

If you have cracked or uneven concrete, don't hesitate to call on East Texas Pro Foam, LLC. We're here to assist you if:

  1. Your driveway, walkway, patio, or porch is cracking or sinking
  2. Water is accumulating in one corner or area of your existing concrete
  3. Your foundation is uneven
  4. Animals or weather have created washout under your concreteWe're standing by to help with any of your concrete
leveling needs. Reach out to us today to arrange for concrete lifting services. We offer free estimates.

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