What are the benefits
of concrete leveling services?

Do you have a driveway, sidewalk, or other areas of concrete on your property that are sinking? Do you have dangerous tripping hazards on your property due to uneven surfaces? Luckily, the expert contractors at East Texas Pro Foam, LLC are equipped to handle your job. Concrete tends to sink over time, especially if the soil supporting it is not strong enough to hold.

Replacing concrete on your property can be time consuming and expensive. When you rely on our team for maintenance and repairs we can offer:

  • A fast process with long-lasting results
  • Work that will be done in hours, instead of days
  • Structural stability without adding weight
Whether you're in search of crawl space insulation services or if you need your concrete lifted and leveled, we're here for you. Contact a team member today to schedule services in Gladewater, TX or the surrounding areas.


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